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1.  Here are the dates for FY07 SDM trainers at Ft Benning GA:

            SDM 1-07  25-29 SEP 2006 

SDM 2-07  16-20 OCT 2006 

SDM 3-07  27 NOV-1 DEC 2006 

SDM 4-07  11-15 DEC 2006 

SDM 5-07  22-26 JAN 2007 

SDM 6-07  5-9 FEB 2007 

2.  To be eligible the soldier must be an E5 or above or an E4 in a leadership position.  Deploying units get priority.  This is a train the trainer consequently it is not listed in ATTR’s. 

3.  To get a seat the unit S3 must request it via email with the soldier’s full name, rank, SSN, MOS, specific unit and unit POC name and phone number.  The soldiers unit must fund the TDY. 

4.  We supply the DM rifle, ammunition, and Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). 

5.  The recommended items of clothing are: sufficient military uniforms (BDUs) for one week of range firing, Kevlar, LBE, 4 rifle magazines, wet & cold weather gear, prescription glasses and/or contact lenses, ID card, M16 cleaning kit, personnel hygiene items for one week, and civilian clothes.   

6.  Each students unit is responsible for lodging, per diem and personal transportation.  Transportation to and from the range with government weapons will be provided by USAMU.  On post billeting office (Olsen Hall)  phone number is 706 689 0067.  

7.  If you desire a DM trainer (MTT) at your home station, you must have a KD range up to 500 yards, you will provide rifles, ACOGs and ammunition (600 rounds per student) or you may request that we bring rifles and ammunition.  It will depend on what we have available and how we are going to get to your location.  You will provide a classroom large enough for the amount of students you will have.  You will  have to provide funding for 4 to 6 USAMU instructors.  The funding must be in place 5 weeks out from mission execution or the whole mission is a no go.  You will request the trainer via email and we will negotiate the dates with you via phone with the DM rifle team leader.    

8.  POC will be Mike Behnke, USAMU chief of competitions, email



Mike Behnke

                                                                        USAMU Chief of Competitions


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