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Service Rifle Team


Besides competing in Interservice and national competitions, the Service Rifle Team conducts the National Small Arms Firing School for the Department of Defense.

The team competes in open team matches and individual championships, state service rifle championships and state highpower championships.

The teamís most important matches are the Infantry Trophy Match, USMC Commanding General Six-Man Team Match, the 1,000-Yard Match in Divisions A and B, the Interservice Rifle Team Championship Match (also known as the 10-Man Team Match), the Reynolds Trophy Match and the Interservice Individual Rifle Match at the Interservice Championships at Quantico, Va., National Trophy Team Match and the National Infantry Trophy Team Match, the National Service Rifle Championship and the President's Hundred Individual Rifle Match at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, every summer.

Shooters compete with the modified M-16A2 rifle and 300 Winchester Magnums with scopes and shoot at targets up to 1,000 yards away.


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