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 Steps to Determine Eligibility for the Volunteer Recruiter Program

The steps below provide guidance on how to use this web site (www.usarec.army.mil) to determine eligibility and, if eligible, how to submit an application.  Review the steps below and explore all of the pages in this web site to determine if you are eligible before beginning an application.

Step 1: Review AR 601-1, Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, to determine if you are eligible and wish to apply for this program.

Step 2: Meet the following requirements; some are waiverable and some are not. See AR 601-1 for guidance.

(a) U.S. citizenship

(b) High school graduate or GED with 30 semester hours of college. CLEP, DANTES or military evaluations credit is not acceptable. (W)

(c) Minimum GT score of 110, waiverable to 95 (W), but must have a ST score of 95 or higher.

(d) Meet the age standard: Be at least 21 years old, but not older than 35 at time of selection. (W)

(e) Not be a first-term soldier

(f) Must have 12 months on station if in CONUS. If OCONUS, you must have 6-10 months remaining until DEROS for short tour areas and 6-12 months remaining for long tour areas.

(g) Have completed at least 1 year of service since reclassification

(h) Have 3 years Time in Service (TIS) remaining after completion of the Army Recruiting Course (ARC)

(i) Have at least 4 years Time in Service (TIS) and not exceed the following Time in Grade (TIG) or TIS standards:

(1) SSG (P) or SFC: Maximum 2 years TIG and 14 years TIS. TIG limit does not apply to SSG(P) (W)

(2) SGT(P) or SSG: Maximum 12 years TIS (W)

(3) SGT: Maximum 10 years TIS (W)

(j) Meet NCOES requirements: Warrior Leader Course Completion

(k) Meet the height/weight standards of AR 600-9 or be within body fat limits

(l) No AWOL or lost time during the current enlistment or in the past 3 years, whichever is longer

(m) Not currently assigned to a Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM) testing section

(n) Minimum profile (PULHES) standard of 132221 (If you have a "3" in any category, you must have been to the MMRB), no shaving profile. No visible tattoos that may be perceived as offensive, sexist, distasteful, gang related, etc.

(o) Have a valid civilian driver's license with no record of careless, reckless or unsafe driving

(p) No bankruptcy within the past three years, no current credit problems, and adequate spendable income

(q) Not currently nor have previously enrolled in the past 12 months in a drug or alcohol dependency intervention program of any type. No alcohol or drug related incidents within the past 5 years such as DUI, DWI, or drunk and disorderly.

(r) No law violations such as courts martial, felonies or moral/integrity violations

(s) No marital, emotional, medical, or family problems that would hamper duty performance

(t) Not have more family members (spouse included) than: 2 for SGT, 3 for SGT(P), 4 for SSG and 5 for SFC (W)

(v) Cannot be a single parent.

(w) Cannot be pregnant at time of attendance at the Army Recruiting Course (ARC)

Note: Requirements followed by (W) can be waived on a case-by-case basis.

Step 3: You no longer have to contact the Recruit the Recruiter Team for the telephonic interview. You can download the interview worksheet from our web site. Go to www.usarec.army.mil , Recruit the Recruiter Team - Click on and print off: 1) instructions for completing the application and 2) application checklist for E5 – E7. Please pay attention to the instructions as we are getting a large number of applications that are not correct. On the application checklist, numbers 1-11 apply to everyone; numbers 12-20, provide the information requested, if any apply. Then go to blank forms. Print off the interview sheet (do not leave blank spaces on this form), the 4 DA Forms listed there, the assignment preference map, and the Privacy Act Statement. Once the application is completed, mail the original to the address listed on the checklist. DO NOT send an incomplete application (or copies) with plans to send the missing document(s) later.

Step 4: Blank Forms  can be viewed and downloaded and all forms downloaded for use with the Adobe Acrobat software or Pure Edge Viewer.

Mail the original application to:

Bldg 1307 Third Ave
Fort Knox, KY 40121

You should keep a copy of your application for your files.

Step 6: Application is screened for completeness and accuracy and you are notified of any discrepancies.

Step 7: Application is forwarded to the USAREC Liaison at HRC for coordination with your current MOS branch manager who conditionally approves or disapproves your request for release into the recruiter program. Also the Background screening is initiated. This process can take 4 - 6 months.

Step 8: You are tentatively slotted for the Army Recruiting Course (ARC). Assignment is made by USAREC after a favorable Background screening is completed. You can expect to receive your assignment about 4 months prior to your report date.

Step 9: Visit our web site at least monthly for new or updated information or to check the status of your application.

Good luck and thank you for considering the recruiting profession.


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