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Warrant Officer Recruiting Mission

The Warrant Officer Recruiting Team is charged with recruiting highly qualified applicants to serve as Army Warrant Officers.

Warrant Officers are highly specialized experts and trainers in their career fields. By gaining progressive levels of expertise and leadership, these leaders provide valuable guidance to commanders and organizations in their specialty. Warrant Officers remain single-specialty Officers with career tracks that progress within their field, unlike their Commissioned Officer counterparts who focus on increased levels of command and staff duty positions.

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  • 31 AUG 15**** ATTENTION ALL APPLICANTS: Can't attend your local Warrant Officer Recruiting Brief in person? You are invited to the upcoming Warrant Officer Virtual Recruiting Forum Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 1000hrs EST. This forum & the Warrant Officer Recruiters involved will advise and assist you in how you can meet the challenge by becoming a U.S. Army Warrant Officer.

    Follow the below link to register .
    Looking forward to your participation!


  • 29 JUL 15 - *****The deadline for packet CORRECTIONS and UPDATES for the SEP board is 28 AUG 15


  • 21 JUL 15 - *****Attention 880A (Marine Deck Officer) applicants*****
    880A has been removed from the SEPT 2015 Selection Board. 880A Packets compete twice a year (JAN and MAY Boards) to allow selectees time to attend WOCS before the start date of their WOBC (yearly in OCT). 880A Packets currently submitted will still be qualified by the TC Proponent and will compete on the JAN 2016 Board. If you are considering applying for 880A, do NOT wait to submit your packet. This is a critical MOS and your opportunity for selection on the JAN 2016 board is extremely high.


  • 16 JULY 2015 - *****Attention ALL APPLICANTS****
    An updated packet checklist (dated 16 JULY 2015) has been published on the website under the "Warrant Officer Application Checklist Download" link on the home page and as part of the "Warrant Officer Sample Packet" under the downloads tab. This checklist will be required for applicants applying the first board of FY16 (18 Sep 2015 submission deadline) forward, but applicants may begin to use it immediately if convenient. The new checklist takes into account revised G1 Tattoo guidance and clarifies the order of presence for packet reviewers/signatures.


  • 14 JUL 15 - ***** ATTENTION ALL 350G (GEOINT Imagery Technician) and 351M (Human Intelligence Collection Technician) Applicants*****
    At the request of the MI Proponent, these MOSs have been added to the SEPT 15 board. The NEW PACKET submission deadline for 350G/351M is extended to 17 AUG 15 and PACKET CORRECTION deadline is extended to 28 AUG 15. All 350G/351M packets will compete on the 14-18 Sep 15 Selection Board.


  • 7 JUL 15 ****UPDATED HQDA G-1 TATTOO GUIDANCE (For ALL Applicants to include Sister Services)****
    AR 670-1, dated 10 April 2015, no longer provides a provision for grandfathering tattoos. The grandfathering provision was provided in the March 2014 iteration of AR 670-1, and provided ample time for Soldiers and CDRs to documented eligible tattoos in the Soldier's iPERMS. Effective immediately, HQDA G-1 will NO LONGER accept tattoo ETPs (from Army Applicants) for WO appointment unless the procedures outlined in AR 670-1 par3-3f are followed. Soldier MUST provide separation board proceedings indicating the CDR retained the Soldier along with a Waiver Request and Tattoo Policy Validation Memo (found under the "Downloads" tab). Additionally, as part of the WO application checklist (under downloads tab), the applicant's servicing Battalion S-1/S-1 NCO or PSD/MPD Supervisor must verify that the CDR has completed a tattoo verification, been found in compliance with AR 670-1 (dated 10 APR 15) and that all tattoos are properly documented in iPERMS. If a Soldier is in compliance with the tattoo guidance in AR 670-1 Para 3-3 (dated 10 April 2015) or has verified with their BN S-1 that their "non-compliance" tattoos below the wrists (on the hands) and/or above the neck line (on head/face/inside mouth) were properly uploaded into iPERMS (ICW the March 2014 version of AR 670-1, i.e. grandfathered) they DO NOT require a tattoo waiver/ETP. Sister Service applicants still must submit the Waiver Request and Tattoo Policy Validation Memo for any tattoos not in compliance with AR 670-1 Para 3-3 (dated 10 APR 15) but to do NOT require separation board proceedings.

    DA PAM 670-1, Para 3-3 provides guidance on the photos to be included with a Waiver Request and Tattoo Policy Validation Memo. Based on photos previously received, the DA G1 has additional guidance:

    1. Applicant should be in the IPFU (authorized PT uniform for applicants from other Services) when having their tattoo(s) photographed.
    2. Color photos are required using a white or neutral color background.
    3. Photos will depict tattoo location and size by showing the entire area below the elbow, below the knee, and/or above the t-shirt neck line using a ruler.
    4. In order to show perspective, a full-length photo of the applicant showing their tattoo(s) is also required.
    5. There are no specific camera settings required; however, all photos must be clear and visible.


  • 25 JUN 15 - ATTENTION ALL 255A (Information Services Technician) and 255N (Network Management Technician) Applicants*****
    The NEW PACKET submission deadline for 255A/255N is extended to 17 AUG 15 and PACKET CORRECTION deadline is extended to 28 AUG 15.  All 255A/255N packets will compete on the 14-18 Sep 15 Selection Board. If you have the prerequisite experience for 255A/255N then your opportunity for selection on the SEPT board is extremely HIGH!!!!
    NOTE: Packets requiring WAIVERS must be submitted by 17 JUL 15 to guarantee processing by the SEPT Selection board.


  • 22 JUN 15 *****ATTENTION ALL 15E's (Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer) and 15W (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator) E5 or above*****
    Effective IMMEDIATELY the Aviation Branch has added 15E as a valid feeder MOS (with 15W) for 150U (Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (TUAS) Operations Technician). Packet submission deadline for 150U is extended to 17 AUG 15 and Packet corrections deadline is extended to 28 AUG 15. All 150U packets will compete on the 14-18 Sep 15 Selection Board.
    If you have the prerequisite experience for 150U then your opportunity for selection on the SEPT board is extremely HIGH!!!!
    NOTE: Packets requiring WAIVERS must be submitted by 17 JUL 15 to guarantee processing by the SEPT Selection board.


  • ATTENTION ALL APPLICANTS, THE CHECK YOUR WARRANT OFFICER APPLICATION STATUS LINK REMAINS DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. If you have not received an e-mail after your initial packet submission after ten business days, please contact your local recruiter to inquire about your status! After the initial email, it is incumbent upon the applicant to check their packet status as you will not receive any further correspondence from the Warrant Officer Recruiting Team. If you need to inquire about your packet status, please contact your local recruiting team via email or telephonically at:



  • ATTENTION ALL SISTER SERVICE APPLICANTS: Any sister service applicant who has not successfully completed an Army Basic Training, Warrior Transition Course, Marine Basic Training, Air Force or Navy Special Operations Forces, Air Force Tactical Air Control Training or Air Force Security Police Training will be required to attend Army Basic Training prior to attendance to WOCS. A Statement of Understanding (SoU), which is required for all packets, will serve as acknowledgement (from applicant) of the requirement for sister-service applicants to attend Army BCT. Any questions, concerns, or requests for withdrawal of current packet submissions can be addressed to CW4 Sanders at 502-626-1893.

  • FOR DEPLOYED SERVICE MEMBERS: IAW AR 135-100 and DA PAM 601-6: All Warrant Officer applicants must pass their appointment physical prior to submitting an application. Flight physicals are good for 18 months and Technicians for 24 months. This requirement will not be waived. If you are scheduled to deploy you will need to be proactive and get your physical complete prior to your departure as Afghanistan no longer has the capability to complete physicals.

  • APFT WAIVER GUIDANCE: Per AR 350-1, paragraph 3-14a, Soldiers with medical profiles due to operational deployment will be permitted by their immediate commanders to attend appropriate courses (to include PME) within the guidelines of their profile. Soldiers must arrive at the aforementioned courses of instruction with a copy of their current profile and a memorandum signed by their commander stating the profile is a result of injuries sustained due to operational deployment. Per AR 350-1, paragraph 3-13j(3), Candidates applying to WOCS or OCS must pass the standard three-event APFT as a enrollment requirement. An exception to policy may be granted by HQDA DCS, G3/5/7 for a permanent profile to the running event only. The exception only allows the Soldier to apply to compete for entry into WOC or OCS school. The permanent profile must be a result of extraordinary circumstances.


  • LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION FOR ARMY APPLICANTS: Due to several fraudulent LOR submissions by applicants, all Active Duty Army applicants will now be required to use USAREC Form 1936 and the recommender will be required to digitally sign the form. If a recommender cannot sign the form due to extenuating circumstance, these will be entertained on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, the recommender MUST include their unit info, e-mail, and phone number in the bottom of the narrative.


  • 12-MONTH TIS REMAINING REQUIREMENT: Given the constant changing of retention and the drawdown EXCEPTIONS will be granted on a case by case basis. Applicants will have to include a memorandum requesting to waive the 12 month requirement. At a mimimum, an applicant must have six months remaining on their service contract by the time their packet will be board to even be considered for a waiver. Furthermore, approval consideration will be based on the strength of the MOS and number of applicants applying for the program!

  • USAF APPLICANTS: Per the USAF AFPC, conditional release paperwork should be routed through VMPF (Virtual Military Personnel Flight) by selecting "voluntary separations" and then "early release". The last page of that application allows individuals to upload the LOI and the DD Form 368.


Please check the WO selection board schedule for new packet submission cutoff dates.



  • All applications MUST be COMPLETE to be processed. INCOMPLETE packets will be REJECTED without action.

  • For "New" applications, please allow 10 - 15 working days for processing, after submission, before inquiring about the status.

  • Applicants who do not require waiver approval and submit a 100% error free packet, by the respective cutoff date, are guaranteed to go to that board. Pending Waiver approval or packet deficiencies can cause you to miss a board.

  • Please check the WO Selection Board schedule for new packet submission cutoff dates.

  • Any applicant fully qualified/not selected for two consecutive boards will be considered not select/not competitive and may not reapply for one year from the date of the DA 61, IAW DA PAM 601-6, Ch2, para 6.

  • NCOs will submit their most recent TEN YEARS of NCOERs and all of their Academic Evaluation Reports (1059s). NCOs who have less than ten years as an E-5 or above, will submit all of their NCOERs. EX: 8 years of NCO service will submit 8 years worth of evals; 6 year of NCO service will submit 6 years worth of evals; 12 years of NCO service will submit 10 years worth of evals and so on. Do not submit reports that extend beyond the current ten year period.

All Applicants: Warrant Officer applications must be 100% administratively complete at the time of submission and ready for immediate processing. Incomplete packets will be rejected and destroyed.

  • All applications must be submitted digitally (via e-mail) unless deployed.
  • Prior to submitting your application packet, please ensure you make a complete copy for your records.
  • Please check the Board Schedule page often as it is subject to change without notification other than updates to the Board Schedule Page.
  • Applicants twice not selected must send a complete new application after the one year wait period.
  • Please use your AKO web mail or Enterprise Email account to submit your application packet. The benefits are twofold and both reduce processing time. (The time you have to wait for a packet status.) First, using your AKO account enables us to track your packet emails by last name for faster look-up times and easier tracking. Secondly, AKO does not attach certificates or digital signatures to your emails, both of which increase processing times considerably. If you use your Enterprise Emails account, please turnoff digital signatures before sending your packet!


Send "NEW PACKETS" to:

Send any "UPDATES" for packets to:

Send any "CORRECTIONS" for packets to:



Due to technical issues, please use the fax to PDF feature (502) 626-0938 ONLY as a last resort (View quality will be diminished as a result).

IMPORTANT - ALL warrant officer application packet e-mails must contain the following in the subject line:


JOHNSON, STEVEN M. - 153A - 1 OF 2, second e-mail subject line, JOHNSON, STEVEN M. - 153A - 2 OF 2. Also, be sure to title your PDF attachments in the following format: 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc... (packet compiled in the order set in the checklist, then broken up and labeled in the manner shown)

E-mail size cannot exceed 5MB.

New packet submission e-mails that do not conform to this standard will experience significant delays and may be rejected from further processing.


  • A waiver request is a request for an exception to the current policy.
  • The availability of a waiver does not constitute automatic approval.
  • Waiver requests are approved on a case by case basis, based on the needs of the Army.
  • Waiver dispositions are valid for one year.
  • To appeal your APFT waiver disposition, please contact USAREC G3 Board Branch - Ms. Vikki Ruhl via email at: or phone at: 502-626-0507 or DSN 536-0507.

The table below lists the available waivers, the approval authorities, and the lead time required for processing:

Waiver_Table 2

  1. Example in Sample Application available at briefings or for download on our website.
  2. DA Form 705 (APFT Score Card) must be included with application
  3. BN CDR’s LOR must state: “The applicant is physically capable of completing training and worldwide deployment”
  4. Must have a Permanent Physical Profile
  5. a. Permanent Physical Profile will be reviewed during the Commissioning/Flight Physical and annotated on the profile by a medical provider. The Permanent Physical Profile must be reviewed within 12 months and include an annotation.
    b. Physicals must be dated within 12 months of submission of an APFT waiver.
  6. Streamline process has been discontinued.
  7. Waiver request NOT prepared by the applicant - Applicant must send in all physical paperwork with packet submission - Warrant Officer Recruiting Team will prepare waiver request
  8. Waiver must include separation board proceedings indicating that the CDR retained the Soldier

Age Waiver - For 153A MOS - Is required if the applicant has reached their 33rd birthday prior to their packet being boarded. For all other WO MOSs - Is required if the applicant has reached their 46th birthday prior to their packet being boarded.

AFS Waiver - Is required if the applicant has more than 12 years of active federal service (AFS)

Moral Waiver - Is required if the applicant has had any legal infraction greater than a $250.00 speeding fine. This includes any negative UCMJ action.

APFT Waiver - The revised AR 350-1 is dated 18 Dec 09 with an effective date of 18 Jan 10 and is online. Paragraph 3-12, i(3) states:

"Candidates enrolling in WOCS or OCS must pass the standard three-event APFT as an enrollment requirement; the alternate APFT is only authorized with HQDA, DCS, G-3/5/7 approval. The walk event on the alternate APFT is the only authorized alternate event used as an enrollment requirement. The Soldier must also be able to walk the 6.2 mile ruck march for WOCS or the 12 plus miles for OCS with 48 lbs. or more in their rucksack within school time parameters. If a Soldier enrolling in WOCS or OCS fails the initial APFT, the Soldier will be denied enrollment but allowed one retest with a subsequent class. Soldiers failing the second APFT will be considered ineligible for enrollment and must reapply for OCS or WOCS selection."

In other words, the only waiverable event is the 2 mile run. The only alternate event is the 2.5 mile walk. The pushup and sit up events cannot be waived under these guidelines. The effective date of the revised AR 350-1 is 18 Jan 10 as stated above. We will return any waiver request for the pushup or sit up events, after 17 Jan 10, without action.

*Physical Profiles/ Body Fat Worksheets - AR 40-501, with a Rapid Action Revision date of 10 Sept 08, paragraphs: 7-4(3); 8-20d(3) & (4); 9-3b for USAR; and 10-10a for ARNG

Para 7-4(3) says that Permanent profiles "...WILL automatically be reviewed at the time of a Soldier's periodic health assessment or other medical examination". "Periodic" translates into annually in the other reference paragraphs above.

Effective immediately physicals and profiles must be no more than 1 year old in order to be current. Anything outside this window will not be processed. Body Fat Worksheet (DA Form 5500 or 5501 dtd Aug 2006) calculations also must be within 12 months of the physical date.


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