Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description~

140K - Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Tactician

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Serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the employment and operations Air & Missile Defense (AMD) systems. Serves as a Tactical Control Officer (TCO) at the battery level, a Tactical Director (TD) and Standardization Officer at the Battalion level and Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Officer (ADAFCO) and Standardization Officer at the brigade and Army Air and Missile Defense Command level. Monitor/Identify aircraft according to established procedures, initiate and monitor engagements of threat aircraft and missiles, and plan/develop air and missile defense designs in support of assigned/contingency missions. Advise the commander on capabilities and limitations of the AMD systems. Coach, teach, mentor and evaluate Soldiers in AMD system operating tactics, techniques, procedures, and Joint Kill Chain (JKC) functions Advises the commander on all tactical and technical considerations at all levels.

Cannot Waive:
Minimum prerequisites specified below:

Minimum prerequisites for Regular Army Officers specified below (MILPER number: 18-102):

Desired prerequisites:

Please contact the proponent POCs below for any questions regarding qualifications. Address all other inquiries to the Warrant Officer Recruiting Branch at wo-team@usarec.army.mil

POC: CW4 Jonathon Boone
ADA Proponent Warrant Officer (ATSA_ADA)
Fires Center of Excellence
Email: jonathon.l.boone.mil@mail.mil
DSN: 495-0493
COMM: (580) 558-0493

POC: CW5 Eric Maule
ADA Chief Warrant Officer of the Branch (CWOB)
Fires Center of Excellence
Email: eric.d.maule2.mil@mail.mil
DSN: 495-0837
COMM: (580) 558-0837

ARNG POC: CW5 Hector A. Vasquez
SR WO Adviser
Fires Center of Excellence
455 McNair Ave
Fort Sill, OK 73503-9016
Email: hector.a.vasquez4.mil
BlackBerry: (580) 442-2821
COMM: (580) 919-6391