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The Army Interactive Semi can be set up and tailored to your specific event and venue. This semi can be set up in classroom mode, game mode or a combination of both. IS2 is also equipped with three military robots. Students will have an opportunity to navigate and operate the robots in the contained enviroment during team building events. The best use of this vehicle is in a high school setting.


Parking and Setup:

  • The Adventure Semi is an 18-wheel tractor-trailer that is self-contained and climate controlled.
  • It is 16 feet wide by 53 feet long by 13 feet 6 inches high. It requires a space at least 24 feet wide by 75 feet long (or ten parking spaces long by 2 deep).
  • It requires a hard, level surface away from windows due to noise and exhaust from the generator.
  • Overhead clearances must be at least 13 feet 6 inches and weight restrictions at the site should be at least 30 tons.
  • Requires 4 recruiters to provide support assistance. Allow at least one hour for setup


Interactive Semi Classroom Mode
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Last updated on 12 October 2016