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Youth Certificate of Recognition

The U.S. Army's Youth Certificate of Recognition

The U.S. Army recognizes outstanding youth in the civilian and military community with the Youth Certificate of Recognition. The award consists of a full color certificate signed by the Chief of Staff of the Army or other Army leaders. The certificate may be used to recognize youth who achieve the Eagle Scout or the Girl Scout Gold Award; demonstrate acts of heroism; extraordinary academic, athletic or public service achievements; or other accomplishments of excellence. The award is predominantly presented to Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold Award recipients.

Officials from sponsoring Scout organizations, youth organizations, schools, civic and service groups, or other community leaders may submit nominations. Nominations may be submitted online using the form below or forwarded to the nearest Army Recruiting office for processing.


If you are requesting a certificate please provide an Email with the following information to the Program Manager.

  • Recipient's Name:
  • Troop Number (if applicable):
  • Recognized For: Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Gold Medal, etc.
  • Date of Ceremony:
  • Recruiter Support Requested to present certificate if available: Yes or No Scout Leader/Individual Name Making Request:
  • Contact Phone Number:
  • Contact E-mail Address:
  • Send Certificate To:
  • Send To Address:
  • Send To City:
  • Send To State:
  • Send To Zip:
Questions? Contact the Recruiting Command program manager.